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10 Glorious Ways to REVEL in Fall

It’s time for the random list of 10 on the 10th day, and the 10th month at that!  William Cullen Bryant penned one of my favorite lines about fall: “Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  Soon we will be deep in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season which is its ownRead More

Hit Play! 10 on Ten in January 2013

Welcome to the first 10 on Ten.  Each month on the tenth day, I will share a random list of 10 things.  Who knows how crazy it might get up in here?  For January 2013,  you get to learn 10 shows on my DVR that make me excited to hit play.  Here they are in no particular order.

1.  Parenthood | Could there be a cooler last name than Braverman?  So honest.  So emotional.  So funny.  So addictive.

2. Downton Abbey | Oh Violet, there should be a book of your witty and often biting words.  English accents.  Romance.  Pomp and circumstance.  The fate of the world hanging in the balance.

3. Scandal | Olivia Pope is a huge contradiction; aren’t we all?  Politics.  Power.  Heartbreak.  Loyalty.  Backstabbing.  One woman to fix them all.

4. Revenge | We all dream of getting our sweet revenge.  Suspense.  Huge webs of lies.  Conspiracy.  The battle for truth.

5. Nashville |  Nashville had me at Connie Britton. The music. The drama. The politics. Enough said.

6. Covert Affairs | Auggie is my inspiration if I ever go blind.  Espionage.  Action.  Patriotism.  Global perspective. A spy with a conscience.

7. The Voice | The best vocal competition on TV.  The Adam Levine.  The crazy Okie.  The surprising CeeLo.  The new voices I fall in love with.

8.  Mad Men | I don’t know if it has ever been better than the first season but I’m invested; I miss it. The clothes.  The sets.  The changing of the tides. Don Draper, please come back.

9. The Good Wife |  I am fairly sure that I could never be as graceful under pressure as Alicia.  Battles of the law.  Struggles for redemption.  Bonus story lines that come with new court cases.

10. General Hospital | Dare I say that?  Seriously, I grew up with these characters; I am invested.  Drama.  Romance.  The ridiculousness of people. The beauty of the dead-come-back-to-life.  And some really good actors.

I guess we can see here that I’m not a big fan of reality TV.  I like story.  I like music.  I like my DVR.

I really want to know what you are watching.  So comment with your list of can’t miss TV.

To good television,