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Stars Shining Bright

These two are the brightest stars in my sky.  You might catch a hint here of the loads of personality that Lola & Zeph possess.  My favorites might be the first two below; Zeph was getting a kick out of tickling Lola.  My kids bring more laughter and joy than I have ever known and let’s just be honest – more challenges, too.  Actually, during some of those challenges it really helps to look over and see a beautiful image of them.  Often it transports me right out of my frustration and reminds me how amazing these little creatures are.  The photographs aren’t the true treasure but it is a great way to somewhat hang on to the treasure of who they are right at this moment.  So that makes the photographs priceless.  I don’t know how much longer Zeph will do absolutely anything to make her laugh or how much longer she will crack up when he tickles her before she will start yelling, “Mom, he’s touching me!”  I may be pointing back to these and reminding them of their love someday.  There are already days when I tell them how important it is to be a safe place for each other because the world can be kind of scary and that they are so lucky to have each other as best friends.  So I’m going to make it a point to flood my home with even more family portraits.  Maybe I’ll just wallpaper with them.

I grabbed the camera that Sunday so we could capture a few shots for Christmas gifts.  There just may have been some challenge getting them to cooperate and Randy may have told me more than once that he hates photographing our kids. (He was the kid wrangler and for some reason photographing our own kids is 10x worse than normal.)  But there was a lot of laughter, too.  We had fun playing in the leaves, singing songs, exploring the area, cracking up over their poses and funny faces, and Randy even gave Zeph an impromptu air guitar lesson.  I say it often – I believe good photography creates beautiful images and beautiful experiences, too.  My heart is full.

To bright stars & beautiful experiences,




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2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA & ZEPH_023_WEB

Merry and Bright

These little girls are some of my favorite people to photograph.  Fun, fun, fun!  They are always up for fun concepts, dressed super cute, ready with sweet smiles or crazy antics, and I love how they tease Randy.  I usually photograph these pretty ladies when I’m back home in Warner and he is my slave assistant.  This was our third portrait experience together and extra special because baby Grace joined in the fun.  Tiny supermodels and an adorable, squishy baby?  What else can you do besides hang disco balls & throw glitter?  It sounds like a party to me!

To sparkle & shine,




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Hot Fun in the Summer Time

In my family, we live for summer.  It’s probably more accurate to say we live for the water:  pool, lake, ocean, anywhere we can feel the warmth of the sun and play in H2O.  My sister and I grew up like mermaids and our kids are the same way.  Our best childhood memories involve playing in the water as a family and our kids are making fun memories with their cousins doing the same thing.  We don’t make it to the lake like we used to but Poppy & Nana have turned the back yard into a paradise for the grands.  These portraits completely capture their personalities and I hope a few of the memories.  Oh what fun!

To heat & waves,


2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_001_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_004_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_013_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_015_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_016_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_018_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_020b_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Summertime_027_WEB

Belle of the Ball

Oh LolaBelle, you are most definitely the Belle of the Ball.  The Life of the Party.  The Apple of Our Eye.  Thanks for spending a few minutes with me so I could capture this beautiful smile before you lost those wiggly teeth.

I love you as big as all the stars in the sky,

2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_008_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_018_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_016_WEB2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_005_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_021_WEB  2012_REVELphoto_Child Photography_LOLA_043_WEB

Schoolhouse Rock

Lola started Kindergarten.  This is how we commemorated the occasion.  GASP!  Where does the time go?  Watch out world, we are semi-unleashing this gorgeous little girl on you.


Peanuts and Cracker Jacks | Oklahoma City Child Photographer

These two little Guys have killer eyelashes and the sweetest little lips.  Oh Mama, I think you are in trouble… double trouble!  The twins just turned two and celebrated with a fun baseball-themed party, so of course we had to visit the Oklahoma City Redhawks Bricktown Ballpark for their birthday portraits.  A special thanks to Shanna of the OKC Redhawks for helping us make this photo shoot happen!

It has been scorching hot in Oklahoma and this day was no different; we started shooting early to avoid some of the heat but it found us anyway.  The boys loved watching the crew work their magic on the field and were especially interested in their equipment.  Let me tell you, it is some magic.  There’s not much green grass left in central Oklahoma right now.  The boys brought some of their own equipment, too.  One of the baseballs we used is pretty special to Dad.  I think these Guys will most likely be spending some time on baseball fields through the years.  I’m sure they will have plenty of people to cheer them to victory.

I’ll be posting an outtake later this week that just happens to possibly be my favorite photograph from the day.  I also love the third shot below (second “row”).  What’s your favorite?  Leave us a comment… we love comments!

To Peanuts & Cracker Jacks,




Born in the U.S.A. | Oklahoma City Children’s Photography

I hope you are ready for a delicious feast for the eyes with a healthy serving of patriotism.   Today I’m sharing a personal shoot of my two kids, Lola & Zeph with their cousins Jaxson & Rylan.  We had a fun little soiree sporting stars & stripes and yummy treats.  I had tons of fun styling this photography session.   The 4th of July has always been a big celebration for my side of the family.  Most of my favorite Independence Day memories involve watching fireworks from a boat on Lake Eufaula.   So to commemorate our love for our country and show a little American pride, we threw a party for our own firecrackers who were Born in the U.S.A.  I hope you enjoy and indulge me for sharing so many images… there are so many more great shots, it was hard to narrow down.  But I promise I did!  I would love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment.

To the Stars & Stripes, Firecrackers, and the good ole U.S.A.,


18 Comes So Soon | Oklahoma City Photographer

My boy… growing, learning, capturing my heart in so many ways.  Zeph turned 18 months or 1.5 years if you prefer. However you measure it, it was too fast.   I don’t have any recent portraits of him so after breakfast, I grabbed the camera and we played around in his room for a while.   You can see why this boy owns me. He’s got rockstar skills and crazy love charms.  I love that he is so expressive.  He is fascinated with balls, music, and his daddy.  Yes, my kids are both madly in love with their dad.  I completely understand; so am I!  Happy Half-Birthday, Z!  Mommy loves you.

To crazy love charms,

Graffiti Artists | Revel Photo | Children’s Photographer, Edmond OK

“True friends are always together in spirit.”  –Anne of Green Gables

Sophie is moving to Mississippi.  This weekend in fact.  For the last three years she has been a sweet friend to my LolaBelle.  She was our neighbor across the street in our old neighborhood and by a strange twist, both of our families moved to Edmond the same day just one year ago this coming weekend.  Sophie is older than Lola but has always treated her with patience and respect, teaching her fun games and tricks on the playground.  When we lived across the street from each other, Lola would watch like a puppy at the window for Sophie to get home from school and beg to hang out with her every day.  Their friendship is really special and I wanted to do something to mark it so we had a photo shoot.  I’m going to have an art book made for each of them so they can always remember their bond.

Sophie and Lola are both sassy little divas.  They had a great time hamming it up for the camera and leaving their mark on the city.  It is so much fun to hang out with these ladies!

Sherry, you are a sweet friend to me as well.  Sophie & Bella, you are beautiful inside and out – stay that way!  And Dennis, well, you are just a very lucky man!  We are going to miss all of you.  I’m glad that true friends are always together in spirit.

To leaving your mark,

Lola’s Spook-tacular Birthday Party

LolaBelle just turned five.  She is so grown-up in many ways.  Sometimes her maturity surprises me and then there are those days when her innocence is delightful.  She was loving all the Halloween decor in the stores this year and decided that she wanted a scaredy-cat party.  So we took the spooky theme and ran with it.  We had tricks and treats, games and feats, fun costumes and good laughs.

Lola Everleigh, you make every day a party.  This last year has been one of the best as I’ve watched you become a loving big sister, a Pre-K student and grow even more in your gifts and talents.  You are fun, witty, smart, curious, vibrant, entertaining, and the list goes on…  You, my love, will always be one of the best things I’ve ever had.  I love you to the moon and back and as big as all the stars in the sky!

Kiss, Kiss, Nose, Nose, Nose & Butterfly Kisses,

Aidan turns the big oh-two! – Edmond Child Photographer

Aidan is now a Terrific Two!  This boy is too cute… two cute!  I couldn’t resist.  He loves balloons, balls, his brand new guitar and playing hard.  His mom & dad rank pretty high as well.  You were lots of fun, Aidan.  Sorry you didn’t get to take any balloons home but it was fun to watch them fly away.