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Star of My Own Show

I love photographing the connection between two people.  I love discovering the intimacy, the nuances, and the quirks of their relationship.  And I enjoy that there are always surprising elements of personality that emerge when you witness a person’s deep connection with someone else.  For this reason I love to photograph couples, best friends, parent and child, sisters, and so forth.  This is one of my favorite portrait experiences.  Amy & Rae have a great connection and they are so relaxed.  It was heartening to see a mother and daughter have such a sense of respect and admiration for each other in the way they interacted and talked about the other.

Amy was called into work so we met at her office and I styled Rae’s hair & makeup and photographed her while we waited on her Mom.  We continued to work hair & makeup and wardrobe changes in between photographing sets and Amy’s work.  Even with the work hiccup, we had a great day and caught so many beautiful shots.   Spending the extra time with them was a treat!  Read what Amy has to say about our time together.  And since there was too much photographic goodness to share in one post, catch more of their portrait experience here.

To mothers & daughters,


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Star of My Own Show II

This is proof that the little black dress is as powerful as everyone says.  I promised more of this beautiful mother & daughter portrait experience so feast your eyes on these beauties.  Aren’t these images of Amy so glamorous?  And these ladies are as fierce as any supermodel.  Every woman should be photographed in a way that shows her beauty and allows her to feel like a cover girl.  I want to create beautiful portrait art of the woman who still loves to play dress up and the man who loves to make a statement.  Want to learn more about what it’s like to be photographed by me?  Read what others are saying.

To glitz & glamour,


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Roses are Red, Violets are Beautiful

Oh so beautiful!  Meet Violet.  She is so sweet and she is super lucky to have fantastic parents.  Her mom Rebecca is one of my dearest friends and she and Pete are going to make great parents.  I am SO HAPPY for the three of you!

To soft & cuddly,


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Life Like It’s Golden | Tulsa Family Photographer

Chresten & Bridgette Tomlin… I don’t even know where to start.  I’ve know them both for a very long time; as in, we were teenagers going to church camp, discipleship camp, and traveled in a music ministry called Praisong together.  And then Bridgette and I ended up living on the same floor in our dorm at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Texas.  Her friendship has meant more than gold in those awkward years of growing up.  Now, the two of them still travel and minister together and they have two beautiful daughters (get a load of their exquisite eyes!) and some sweet horses.

I met up with the Tomlins in Tulsa to shoot some promotional images for their ministry (I’ll share those in another post) and then we proceeded to head to the farm where they keep their horses and captured some fun portraits of their lovely family.  Chresten and Bridgette are living their life like it’s golden and it was appropriate that the hues of the foliage reflected that.  The title for their family portrait shoot was inspired by the foliage and Jill Scott’s song by the name of “Golden”.  Check out the lyrics.

Chresten & Bridgette, it has been such a pleasure to reconnect.  I have much love for both of you.

To living golden,

Last, Loveliest Smile | Family Photographer | Edmond, OK

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ~ William Cullen Bryant

When Emily contacted me about shooting their family portraits in the fall foliage, I immediately thought of the quote I had written on the chalkboard in our entryway.  I was super excited and honored.  Emily is a great photographer herself and she actually took Lola’s first portraits.  In fact, if it weren’t for Emily I wouldn’t have any newborn images of Lola.  Three days after Lola was born, my dad suffered a ruptured esophagus and life was super chaotic for several months.  Emily called and said she had been thinking about how she could help me and offered to capture those precious moments with Lola.  I will forever be grateful.  Emily is super sweet, beautiful, talented and as you can tell, she has great style and a beautiful family.  Emily already knew how she wanted to style her family and they were up for some fun so I suggested a campfire with smores.  This was a super fun shoot.

Emily, I am so happy for you and your gorgeous family.  You deserve every beautiful gift the Lord has given you.

To beautiful smiles,

Being Witness – Oklahoma City Photographer

I love it when you meet people who make your life feel richer just by knowing them.  Oh, I know that every relationship is meaningful and valuable but I’m talking about something more.  It’s kind of like when you watch a movie that makes you feel enlightened, deeper, more joyful, grateful.  That’s what this family has become to me.  Maybe it’s because I was able to spend a day with them that was incredibly special – their final gathering before Tyler deployed overseas for a year, the other two kids off to college.  There is a spirit of survival, strength and triumph about them.  I’m learning that the most joyful thing about being a photographer is being witness to lives, loves, hopes and dreams.

Sheila, Elisha, Tyler & Trey – you are cool.  I’m glad I know you!

To living rich,


Lola’s Spook-tacular Birthday Party

LolaBelle just turned five.  She is so grown-up in many ways.  Sometimes her maturity surprises me and then there are those days when her innocence is delightful.  She was loving all the Halloween decor in the stores this year and decided that she wanted a scaredy-cat party.  So we took the spooky theme and ran with it.  We had tricks and treats, games and feats, fun costumes and good laughs.

Lola Everleigh, you make every day a party.  This last year has been one of the best as I’ve watched you become a loving big sister, a Pre-K student and grow even more in your gifts and talents.  You are fun, witty, smart, curious, vibrant, entertaining, and the list goes on…  You, my love, will always be one of the best things I’ve ever had.  I love you to the moon and back and as big as all the stars in the sky!

Kiss, Kiss, Nose, Nose, Nose & Butterfly Kisses,

Love comes at the speed of light…

My job is so much fun and emotional.  I’m a big sap and a huge sucker for story; so it shouldn’t surprise me how connected I feel to my clients and emotionally invested I become.   I love that I am able to capture special relationships and the moments that mark those bonds.  Isn’t that all warm and fuzzy?  But it’s true.

We were planning the Moore family’s portrait experience for a bit later in the fall but son-in-law Brandon got a new job in North Carolina so we moved quickly.  Brandon, Melissa, son Aidan and baby boy #2 to be are all moving east; Brandon’s already there.  Mark & Pattye’s other daughter Lindsey will be graduating and heading to college within the next year.  We were planning on a shoot at the lighthouse before we knew of all the directions the family would be taking; but it seems so perfect as a symbol…  Mom & Dad, always lighting the way home to place and family.

Mark & Pattye, thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family.  I wish you all the very best.

Here’s to love & family,

Aidan turns the big oh-two! – Edmond Child Photographer

Aidan is now a Terrific Two!  This boy is too cute… two cute!  I couldn’t resist.  He loves balloons, balls, his brand new guitar and playing hard.  His mom & dad rank pretty high as well.  You were lots of fun, Aidan.  Sorry you didn’t get to take any balloons home but it was fun to watch them fly away.


Come Together – Family Photographer Oklahoma City

I enjoy sharing this photo shoot with you because it was a really special portrait experience.  This family doesn’t get to spend much time together… mom Sheila lives in Muskogee and serves in the Commission Corp of the US Public Health Services, daughter Elisha attends the University of Oklahoma as a nursing student, son Tyler is in the US Air Force and son Trey just left for his first year at Seminole State College.  They happened to come together to spend the weekend in OKC before Tyler leaves for Korea for a year!  We were able to catch some images that show off their bond.  It is plain to see Sheila is loved by her kids and that she has loved them well.  Guys, you rocked this session!  In fact, some of these would make some pretty cool album covers.  Maybe you should become a band!  Tyler, be safe… we’ll be thinking of you.

Here’s to all the families who are separated because of their service to our country; may you all come together soon!

Love & Peace,

P.S.  Doesn’t Elisha look familiar? 😉