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Hard Day’s Night

I first met Anna Marie while working together on the Couture Bridal Shoot last spring.  She is a fantastic model and rewarding to work with… which might sound strange, but you just feel like she is giving you a gift with each movement.  Her beauty definitely radiates from within and she Read More

Star of My Own Show II

This is proof that the little black dress is as powerful as everyone says.  I promised more of this beautiful mother & daughter portrait experience so feast your eyes on these beauties.  Aren’t these images of Amy so glamorous?  And these ladies are as fierce as any supermodel.  Every woman should be photographed in a way that shows her beauty and allows her to feel like a cover girl.  I want to create beautiful portrait art of the woman who still loves to play dress up and the man who loves to make a statement.  Want to learn more about what it’s like to be photographed by me?  Read what others are saying.

To glitz & glamour,


REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_078_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_40_a_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_023_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_45_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_016_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_47_WEB REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Grellner_079_WEB


Welcome to Paradise; lush, tropical, glorious Paradise.  Meet Chelsey.  Just the kind of beauty you would expect to find in Paradise, don’t you think?  I first met Chelsey when we worked together on the couture bridal shoot with Moliere Bridal, Castle Falls, and the talented hair and makeup artist Rachel Comingdeer.  But let’s get back to Paradise.  Chelsey & I really wanted to work together again and when she sent me a snapshot of this dress, it was if a storyline asleep in my head had been awakened.  Not like an alarm clock shocking you awake, but that delicious rousing from bed because you smell breakfast from the other room.   A very Gatsby-esque socialite is taking a stroll through her private conservatory, still in her gown from last night’s soiree… you can fill in the other details.

I immediately knew the perfect place to shoot this editorial style concept was inside the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City.  It made for stunning fashion images for Chelsey’s modeling portfolio and gorgeous portraits for her soon-to-be husband.  What a glorious portrait experience!   We shot a second concept that I will be sharing with you soon, so stay tuned.

To Beauty & Paradise,


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Carolina Girl

Laura is leaving us to go back to Carolina.  The Southern kind.  In case you didn’t catch this post, Laura is our cousin who came to Oklahoma to study dance this year.  This is the first time she has lived in Oklahoma and it has been great to see her so often instead of the usual once a year, if lucky.  The kids think she is ultra cool and we have loved hanging out, watching movies, doing laundry, baking cookies, etc.  We spent some time at Hafer Park in Edmond before she left and we captured these beautiful portraits.  Laura, we will miss you but can’t wait to see you in a few weeks when we come to celebrate Katie’s wedding!

To bubbles & beauty,


Littler_White2_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_004_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_015_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_009_WEB

Just Be Mine

I have a feeling the stunning Brook could flash these killer eyes and get anything she wants.  I am in love with these portraits that we captured at Classen Curve in Oklahoma City.  I love this area of OKC!  Such cool shops, yummy restaurants, and beautiful architecture.  Winter House Interiors was kind enough to offer their gorgeous store as a backdrop when it began to rain on us.  Brook, you are glorious!

To killer eyes & cool places,

2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_004_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_005_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_001_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_006_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_009_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Portrait Photography_Brook_010_WEB

Once Upon A Time | Portrait & Fashion Photographer | Oklahoma City

What a fun portrait experience!  Hannah braved 37 degree weather to work her magic for the lens.  Magic is the stuff of fairytales and she looks like she just stepped out of one.  Hannah, you are stunning!  She is a Nebraska girl so I’m not sure she was impressed with our “cold”  weather.  We had a bit of a fashion fairytale concept going on for this photo shoot and plan on some more conceptual work in the near future.  We couldn’t let the evening slip away without paying a visit to the frog prince.

Hannah, I had a blast and can’t wait for our next adventure; thankfully spring is in the air.

To spring adventures,

Emily – Fashion Photographer Oklahoma City

This girl does not take a bad photo!  I met Emily at our neighborhood pool where she was guarding all our lives.  I’m sure she was the dream girl of every young boy there.  In addition to being a lifeguard, Emily is a dancer and is working on her nursing degree.  When I saw Emily, I knew I wanted her to be the subject of a fashion shoot.  I felt like one of those sleazy photographers or film producers you see on the movies, but I approached her anyways.  Fortunately, we hit it off and she agreed to model for me.  We had a fantastic shoot and then we ended up at an unplanned location as we were finishing up for the evening and captured more great shots.  We weren’t prepared to shoot indoors at night but the grittiness of the photos lent a certain mood that I love.  Emily is a terrific model and you will be seeing more of her in the future.  We are already developing another concept.  Emily, you are gorgeous and such a great sport.  I can’t wait to work with you again.