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Star of My Own Show

I love photographing the connection between two people.  I love discovering the intimacy, the nuances, and the quirks of their relationship.  And I enjoy that there are always surprising elements of personality that emerge when you witness a person’s deep connection with someone else.  For this reason I love to photograph couples, best friends, parent and child, sisters, and so forth.  This is one of my favorite portrait experiences.  Amy & Rae have a great connection and they are so relaxed.  It was heartening to see a mother and daughter have such a sense of respect and admiration for each other in the way they interacted and talked about the other.

Amy was called into work so we met at her office and I styled Rae’s hair & makeup and photographed her while we waited on her Mom.  We continued to work hair & makeup and wardrobe changes in between photographing sets and Amy’s work.  Even with the work hiccup, we had a great day and caught so many beautiful shots.   Spending the extra time with them was a treat!  Read what Amy has to say about our time together.  And since there was too much photographic goodness to share in one post, catch more of their portrait experience here.

To mothers & daughters,


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Welcome to Paradise; lush, tropical, glorious Paradise.  Meet Chelsey.  Just the kind of beauty you would expect to find in Paradise, don’t you think?  I first met Chelsey when we worked together on the couture bridal shoot with Moliere Bridal, Castle Falls, and the talented hair and makeup artist Rachel Comingdeer.  But let’s get back to Paradise.  Chelsey & I really wanted to work together again and when she sent me a snapshot of this dress, it was if a storyline asleep in my head had been awakened.  Not like an alarm clock shocking you awake, but that delicious rousing from bed because you smell breakfast from the other room.   A very Gatsby-esque socialite is taking a stroll through her private conservatory, still in her gown from last night’s soiree… you can fill in the other details.

I immediately knew the perfect place to shoot this editorial style concept was inside the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City.  It made for stunning fashion images for Chelsey’s modeling portfolio and gorgeous portraits for her soon-to-be husband.  What a glorious portrait experience!   We shot a second concept that I will be sharing with you soon, so stay tuned.

To Beauty & Paradise,


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Carolina Girl

Laura is leaving us to go back to Carolina.  The Southern kind.  In case you didn’t catch this post, Laura is our cousin who came to Oklahoma to study dance this year.  This is the first time she has lived in Oklahoma and it has been great to see her so often instead of the usual once a year, if lucky.  The kids think she is ultra cool and we have loved hanging out, watching movies, doing laundry, baking cookies, etc.  We spent some time at Hafer Park in Edmond before she left and we captured these beautiful portraits.  Laura, we will miss you but can’t wait to see you in a few weeks when we come to celebrate Katie’s wedding!

To bubbles & beauty,


Littler_White2_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_004_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_015_WEB 2012_REVELphoto_Laura_009_WEB

Just Be Mine

I have a feeling the stunning Brook could flash these killer eyes and get anything she wants.  I am in love with these portraits that we captured at Classen Curve in Oklahoma City.  I love this area of OKC!  Such cool shops, yummy restaurants, and beautiful architecture.  Winter House Interiors was kind enough to offer their gorgeous store as a backdrop when it began to rain on us.  Brook, you are glorious!

To killer eyes & cool places,

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