Strong, beautiful, fierce… Chelsey inspires me in these images.  We finished our day at the Myriad Botanical Gardens with the colors of the earth and sky and the beauty of a woman in nature… in the middle of the city!   That’s what I love about the Crystal Bridge and the Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City, it’s an oasis.  The recent renovations have made it even more of a treat.

But back to Chelsey- not only does she inspire me in these images, she does so in real life, too.  She is lovely and kind, a former collegiate golfer now coaching high school golf, she is an event coordinator for a golf course, a marathoner, model, and loving wife.  I want to be her when I grow up!  Check out her working her magic in the Crystal Bridge here.

To strength & beauty,

REVELphoto_Chelsey_009 REVELphoto_Chelsey_004 REVELphoto_Chelsey_008 REVELphoto_Chelsey_003 REVELphoto_Chelsey_006 REVELphoto_Chelsey_002 REVELphoto_Chelsey_005