I believe good photography creates beautiful art and beautiful experiences, too.  For this reason, one of my favorite things is to hear clients not only fall in love with their portraits but their surprise of how much they loved the full experience.  I want every person I photograph to walk away feeling glorious.  And I love walking away with new friends.

Please send me a note if you would like to share your thoughts on our time together.  I can’t wait to hear them!  Read what others are saying below.



Amy Grellner

“My daughter and I had planned our entire Saturday with REVELphoto, we were so excited. Unfortunately I was called into work that morning. I hated to cancel the shoot so Misty came to the office and while I was working took BEAUTIFUL shots of my daughter. Later we took photos together that I will cherish forever. Misty was so great to work with! She’s so creative, patient and works her tail off to BRING OUT THE BEST in the subject, creating unbelievable photos!  It’s amazing what Misty can do with a girl!”

Chelsey Ann Franklin

“Misty is a phenomenal artist! She knows what she wants in a shot and can capture it quickly and proficiently. She is a delight to be around which makes any shoot fun and efficient. She has always captured me in the best light and because of her skills, I have been able to use these images to get more jobs. It is very refreshing to work with someone who is 1) A wonderful person and 2) A true talent.”



DesJean Jones

“Like most people, I don’t really like to take pictures. I always feel as though my facial expressions or body language are being captured in a way that I would not prefer. With Revel, Misty took time to position me in ways that would be flattering. She didn’t take the ‘pray-and-shoot’ approach by shooting as many poses as possible and praying some of them would be good enough. She worked with me to make sure every picture I took would be a good one. The photos she snapped were awesome, and it was the first time I had ever taken pictures that actually captured my vibrant personality! Simply Amazing!!”

Anna Vega

“Every time I see your work I’m amazed and I can’t wait to be IN another one of your beautiful photos.”



Sharon C. Smallwood, MD

“I have the pics! They are amazing!! I’ve been showing your work to everyone. You are fabulous. Thank you very much!!”