Misty Bradley


My life has been one big string of creative adventures.  I’ve traveled as a singing gypsy, life-coached creatives, written manifestos, ad copy, and love songs; crafted brand identities and strategy, developed a line of artisanal soaps and skincare, given birth to three of the coolest people on the planet, married a style-crazy, creative-directing Mad Man (not in that order), and now I create portrait & style art for the glorious.

As a photographer, I’m a professional chaser of light.  I love the gorgeous, gauzy, golden sunset glow and I adore the way peeks of light dance among mysterious shadows.  But I’m most fascinated by the light in you.  I want you to experience your own beautiful light.  You are glorious.  I can prove it to you.

If you’re ready to see what magic we can create together, send me a note here.  If you want to get to know me a bit better, you can follow my work and life on the blog and social media below.  And if you want to hear what other people are saying, check out these raves!  Whatever you do, be sure to tell me hello.  I LOVE to make new friends!

Revel in all your glory,

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